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Caffeine Crazy: Drinking Coffee in St. Petersburg

When one thinks ‘Russia’, gastronomic delights along the likes of vodka, caviar and borscht – lots of borscht – spring to mind. What you, the discerning reader, may be surprised to know is there’s another something brewing in Russia’s food & beverage scene – coffee. Russia’s tea drinking culture throws back hundreds of years. But over the past two decades…

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Jaipur Must Do: Get Shot by Tikam Chand

Jaipur – a photography enthusiast’s dream. Home to the forever picturesque Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort and the only 1860 Carl Zeiss camera left in the world. Wait, what? Lo behold, Tikam Chand and his ‘magic box’, Jaipuri institutions if we’ve ever seen one. Seated down the block from the salmon-coloured, honeycombed façade of the Hawa Mahal, Tikam Chand’s 150+ year…

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