Delhi Eats: This Fatty Goes to Fatty Bao

I come from a family of foodies, with ‘foodies’ being an understatement. For any event that befalls us, be it a get together with friends, visiting family members, a work/school celebration, a mid-week ‘pick me up’ or whatever other excuse you can imagine, food is integral. It comes as no surprise, then, that my younger sister’s send off to Edinburgh for her second year of university called for food – and lots of it.

Our calling came in the form of The Fatty Bao. The brainchild of everyone’s favourite restaurateur A.D. Singh and Chef Manu Chandra has recently opened shop in Delhi after gaining a cult following in Bombay and Bangalore.  With a name as cute as Fatty Bao and a gorgeous menu to boot, we were off on our way to see what all the hoo-haa was all about.

The Decor:

I generally say no to monochrome in any shape, size or form which is why Fatty Bao’s design aesthetic really spoke to me (don’t shoot me for being pretentious; I write a blog and am allowed to say things like this). The second you walk in your greeted by colours, colours everywhere! I absolutely loved the painted walls reminiscent of traditional Chinese paintings albeit with the addition of adorable, puffy – wait for it – fatty baos.

The space was gleaming with natural light given the massive windows that framed one side of the room and it was truly a photographer’s delight. Given my future designation of Crazy Cat Lady, I squee-d over the cats that adorned the walls. Shoutout to the big panda at the back for watching over the diners. In case you thought the panda was adorable, keep an eye out for the kitschy condiment holders on each table, below! SO CUTE, SO MUCH CUTENESS.

The Food: 

Diva, having done an extensive study of Zomato reviews prior to our Fatty Bao expedition, was well versed in the Do’s and Don’ts of ordering. To begin with we went for a selection of small plates to set us off. Here’s what we ate:

The famous PB&J is truly heaven on a plate. I adore me my pork belly and this was just that in the finest possible way – twice cooked pork belly with a roaring ration of meat to fat (though I have to say it was more on the fatty side but not too many complains there) braised with miso jam. ‘Nuff said.

The Duck Pizza, pictured above, was nothing like what we expected but tasty nonetheless. Think a crispy tortilla base (though the first thing that came to mind was Tapri’s khakra pizza) with a topping of roast duck with plum sauce and Japanese mayo. Seriously, I don’t know what makes mayo Japanese mayo but that stuff is good. Would I order it again? Probably not.

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for… The Baos! We ordered two, the Fried Eggplant Bao, pictured above, and the Char Sui Bao, below. For all those who know me well, I have a love for eggplant but sadly, the miso-marinated filling was far too spicy (thanks, Sriracha) while the kimchi lacked a zing.

However, fear not, pork belly to the rescue yet again! The sweet Char Sui Bao was marvellous and I’m pleased to say not overly sweet despite the blend of both hoisin sauce and green apple kimchi. It was so good, guys, it was so good I’m salivating at the thought of it right now. It’s a hands down, melt in the mouth, must order! 

Two Mazeman (less broth) Ramens found their way to our table. Diva loved the Chasu (pork stock, bacon, braised pork belly, egg, scallions and bean sprouts) though I thought the flavour was too one dimensional. In my mind it lacked the oomph but hey, to each their own. My hungry mother went all out on her Grilled Seafood Ramen so the lack of photo is on her. I don’t think she minds too much.
 And now we come to my humble mains, the Gochujang Lamb Chops. Cooked in a fiery Korean chilli sauce, my dish sadly failed to impress and went home in a doggy bag with one sole chop torn apart. For this I wouldn’t want to blame the fine establishment we were at. Rather, a combination of our delicious melange of small plates and my Father’s absolutely fantastic (and famed) lamb chop/raan preparation were probably what fuelled my sudden lack of appetite.

If you like meat, spicy things, and meat in spicy things, go for it!

I’d like to leave you all on a sweet note and say it’s at The Fatty Bao that I had what is now my favourite dessert of all time. Behold, the Coco Caramel! Firstly, how gorgeous is the plating? Each bite was a burst of sumptuous flavour in my mouth and I just couldn’t stop. Smooth milk chocolate ganache, swirls of peanut butter cream, soft, toasted meringue droplets, cocoa powder, and salted caramel icecream – oh freakin’ my. I can’t. It was so good. I just can’t even.

Also lovely (and a photographer’s dream) was the Pistachio and Green Tea Chiffon, which my very limited knowledge of fancy gastronomy couldn’t understand but appreciated nonetheless. Behold!

I hope you enjoyed The Fatty Bao through my eyes (and tastebuds!). I can’t wait to go back for Round 2 as there are far too many items calling out my name (small plates and desserts, I’m coming for you!). Have you been to The Fatty Bao yet? What’d you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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